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  • Entry: No Bonus There are no associated bonuses when you join with this product.


  • Discounts: none There are no discounts associated with this product


  • Offers: none There are no attached offers to this product.


  • Merchandise: none There is no merchandise associated with this product.


  • No Fixed Term No Fixed Term


  • Type: Volume Based Volume based billing is when a supplier charges you for supply of the product, and than a different fee based on volume tiers. The fee per unit changes with different volume ranges.
  • Supply: 75.716630 c/day Each day this charge is made to provide the service to your property. It does not include any consumption charges.
  • First 3.29: 31.124500 c/KWh
  • Next 7.67: 32.338570 c/KWh
  • Next 16.44: 38.393740 c/KWh
  • Remainig: 37.788410 c/KWh


  • Variations with Notice This energy provider may vary your tariff, discount, or fees by providing you with written notice


  • Paper Bills Charge: $2.75 p/bill If you require a paper bill sent via post then an additional fee will be charged for each bill.
  • Credit Card Processing: 1.7% A transactional percentage will be charged for credit card payments.
  • Payment Processing Fee: $5.50 A flat rate is charged for processing some payments.
  • Late Payment: $14.85 A late payment fee is due if your bill is unpaid for any reason beyond the due by date.
  • Cheque Dishonour: $14.85 Cheque Dishonour. A fee is levied on dishonour of a cheque.

Green Power


  • Direct Debit
  • Credit Card Visa and Mastercard Accepted
  • Mail


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