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  • Entry: No Bonus There are no associated bonuses when you join with this product.


  • Prompt Payment (Usage): 9%
  • Direct Debit (Usage): 1% Discount on each bill that you pay before the due date by Bank Account Direct Debit. The discount excludes overdue amounts, reconnection or disconnection fees, or any charges passed on by your distributor.


  • Offers: none There are no attached offers to this product.


  • Merchandise - none There is no merchandise associated with this product.


  • Term: 1 years This is the time period for which the agreement stands.
  • Early Termination Fee: none


  • Supply: 63.5800 c/day The charge to provide supply of the energy source to the location.
  • Pricing Method: Volume Based Charges are based on the volume of usage.
  • Peak: first 6087 2.6180 c/MJ Jun-Sep
  • Off Peak: first 6087 2.2495 c/MJ Oct-May Off Peak: first 6087 {CENTS_MJ} c/MJ Oct-May
  • Peak: >85224 1.5268 c/MJ Jun-Sep
  • Peak: next 73050 (12175-85224) 1.8711 MJ Jun-Sep
  • Off Peak: >85224 1.4003 c/MJ Oct-May Off Peak: >85224 {CENTS_MJ} c/MJ Oct-May
  • Off Peak: next 73050 (12175-85224) 1.6236 c/MJ Oct-May Off Peak: next 73050 (12175-85224) {CENTS_MJ} c/MJ Oct-May
  • Peak: next 6087 2.2385 c/MJ Jun-Sep
  • Off Peak: next 6087 (6088-12174) 1.8997 c/MJ Oct-May Off Peak: next 6087 (6088-12174) {CENTS_MJ} c/MJ Oct-May


  • Variations with Notice This energy provider may vary your tariff, discount, or fees by providing you with written notice
  • Pass on Charges Any connection, disconnection or special meter reading charges incurred this energy company may be charged to your account
  • Billing: 2 months Bills are issued on this regular cycle.


  • No Specified Fees There are no specified fees for this retailer. Please read their terms and conditions if attached in downloads.


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  • Phone
  • Post Billpay
  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard)
  • CentrePay CentrePay is an initiative of CentreLink.
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