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Queensland Government Department of Energy and Water supply

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The DEWS is a Queensland Government Department established under the Public Service Act 2008. It is a non-profit organization which works towards ensuring a strong and competitive electricity and water industry for the state. Its primary responsibilities includes

•   policy development, reform and regulation of energy and water sectors Queensland and
•   establishment of long term electricity and water strategies to ensure cost effective, secure and reliable supply of utility services.
DEWS two main service divisions include-
•   Energy – responsible for energy generation and fuel, energy networks, energy consumer and retail, energy sector regulation and reform
•   Water – responsible for water sector planning, water supply regulation, dam safety regulation and water sector reform

Its primarily objectives include:-
•   Provide cost-effective, safe and reliable energy
•   Create a strong and resilient water sector
•   Develop supply sectors within agreed time frames
•   A capable, flexible and proud workforce
•   Effective reforms and Regulatory initiatives
•   Engaged stakeholders to raise their level of satisfaction


The vision of the DEWS of Energy and Water Supply is to lower the cost of living pressures with efficient strategies for energy and water supply service and spreading awareness about their use and avoid wastage. In this direction, the DEWS has partnered with its stakeholders to support cost-effective and reliable energy and water supply. It aims to deliver innovative policy, planning and regulatory solutions for the two main service areas- Energy, and Water Supply and Sewerage Services.


The approach of the DEWS, Queensland is to follow transparent operations and practices and allow its community a greater access to information. By taking responsibility for the Right to Information, it makes a commitment to provide an easy access to the masses for the information.


DEWS believes in involving the community as well as its stakeholders in the policy, planning and regulatory work of the Department. It endeavors to do this through effective stakeholder engagement and keeps the customers at the forefront.


DEWS is working closely with various stakeholders for providing benefits to the community at large. It is principally funded for the services it delivers by parliamentary appropriations. It believes in transparency of operations and practices and works in compliance with its legal framework. It has robust risk management system and has also established Audit and Risk Committee and an internal audit department to achieve this end. Its corporate governance framework has two tiers of governance by Executive Management Team and EMT committees. Risk management forms an integral part of the department’s governance framework.


DEWS has played an active role in educating the masses that small changes in energy and water use in home can lower down their utility bills significantly. It encourages the use of energy savings calculator that tells how they can lower their energy use and save money by adopting energy efficient products and practices. It has been promoting EWOQ services proactively with an emphasis on Torres Strait Islanders, Aboriginal people multicultural groups and the aged. It has also been actively working on developing and implementing 30 year strategy for Queensland’s electricity and water supply sectors thereby thriving to provide better infrastructure to the community.


  • PO Box 15456, City East QLD 4002
  • Street: 41 George Street
  • Postcode: 4000
  • City: Brisbane
  • State: Queensland
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 13 43 87 or 13 74 68
  • Sales: 13 43 87 or 13 74 68
  • Fax: (02) 9853 6000