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Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA)

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The Essential Services Commission of Sothern Australia (ESCOSA) protects the basic interests of local residents by regulating the provision of electricity, gas, water, rail transportation, and other basic services. The commission’s primary role is economic regulation of essential services in South Australia in accordance with the Essential Services Commission Act of 2002. With reference to this mandate, ESCOSA performs certain functions and responsibilities which relate mainly to regulation of pricing as well as setting industry standards.

Monitoring industry compliance, hearing complaints and appeals from consumers, as well as promoting equitable access to services and facilities are among the additional roles of ESCOSA. The commission regulates several economic sectors. It performs various functions, some of which are as follows:
•   Provide licenses to regulated entities in the energy, water, and sewerage sectors.
•   Regulate access to Tracola-Darwin railway as well as other intra-state rail lines.
•   Act as the economic regulator for the seven major ports of Sothern Australia.
•   Publish reports on performance monitoring, retail prices of essential services, and the residential energy efficiency scheme.
•   Develop 3-year strategic plans meant to boost economic growth and ensure that the set objectives are met.
•   Set and review any legislations, codes and rules relating to conduct as well as operations of regulated entities from time to time in a bid to improve standards.
•   Offer advice to the Ministry on issues pertaining to economic regulation, reliability matters, and service standards of regulated sectors.
•   Prosecute any industry players that go against the provisions of the Essential Commissions Act.
•   Assist customers and regulated industries with information relating to policies and regulations of the essential services sector.


ESCOSA aims to improve and maintain high standards of living for South Australia residents. The commission strives to provide a level play field for industry stakeholders who are in the business of providing essential services. Through its regulatory capacity, the commission seeks to reduce poverty by ensuring all policies address the needs of society. ESCOSA also hopes to add valuable contributions that will spur sustainable economic growth.


The commission’s overall objective is to ensure all functions comply with legislative laws that govern its operations. In order to work ethically, efficiently and effectively, ESCOSA operates under a corporate governance framework. It is through this structure that the commission is able to excite its mandate. The directives and policies as described in this framework specify the role of each commissioner, staff and stakeholders. The governance documents touch on eight key policies, which entail; commission decisions and determinations; strategy and planning; budget and financial reporting; involvement of commissioners and staff; culture and regulatory approach; risk management; and delegation of authority.

ESCOSA has a diverse range of skilled employees, with backgrounds in sectors such as law, economics, engineering, accounting, IT, and human resources. It executes its operations through the organization’s structure. This entails three main groups, which handle consumer and regulatory affairs; pricing and analysis; as well as governance and strategy. Each structure in the commission plays a significant role in achieving the objectives set for in the Essential Services Commission Act.


The Essential Services Commission of South Australia believes in maintaining transparency. The commission invites all parties to provide their views with regard to regulation of essential services. Industry players can provide their diverse views along with evidence to help the commission decide on how best to enforce regulations or create better polices. Through consumer engagements and consultations, ESCOSA is able to provide a platform for local residents to be heard.


ESCOSA has a commitment to promoting transparent decision making. The commission does this by involving all relevant stakeholders and the community to provide submissions prior to passing policies into law. It is through consumer engagement and consultations that the commission tries to make impartial decisions and recommendations.

Monitoring of industry stakeholders and enforcing compliance rules are two major ways in which the Essential Services Commission of Sothern Australia helps to bring about sustainable economic growth. The commission also empowers consumers with useful information about energy pricing, water and other essential services. Hearing complaints from consumers goes a long way in ensuring sustainable economic growth. ESCOSA does this in order to create policies that protect the interests of local residents.



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