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Energy Safe Victoria (ESV)

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Energy Safe Victoria is an independent regulator, with a team of investigators, looking after the issues related to gas and electrical safety in Victoria. They ensure that the electrical appliances are safe and comply with the energy efficiency standards before being used by the Victorians.

•   The company runs community education campaigns across the state to alert the residents about the potential dangers with energy and raise awareness about the carbon monoxide poisoning due to the inexpert use of gas appliances.
•   ESV licenses and registers electricians so as to ensure that the Victorians enjoy guaranteed electrical work and services from a qualified electrician. Certificates of Electrical Safety are issued and audited by the company.
•   The Director of Energy Safety leads ESV and makes sure that infrastructure of the company remains well maintained and operates at optimum efficiency, so as to offer safe and reliable supply of electricity in households and businesses across Victoria.

The company realizes its objectives as stated in the Electricity Safety Act 1998 and the Gas Safety Act 1997 and any other Act. All ESV’s resources are promoted efficiently and effectively in accordance with FMA Act1994 to make better provision for the accountability and improve financial administration of the public sector.


Energy Safe Victoria visualizes a state where there is a100% commitment to the safety of the Victorians and a safe and efficient supply of electricity and gas. Only skilled, trained and experienced industry workforce will work for the pipeline safety involving electricity and gas. The company aims to meet the present and the future safety requirements of Victoria with confidence and efficiency.


ESV is a trusted and respected name in the industry of safety regulation and efficient outcomes. Following fair and transparent activities and procedures, along with clear regulations and strong communications, the highly skilled and professional regulatory team is able to take the right actions and timely decisions. The openly communicated framework that the company rests upon delivers safety and efficiency that is cost effective too. Victorians enjoy a safer state because of Energy Safe Victoria.


The philosophy at ESV is to define certain core values and expect its team members to express those values in their day to day actions and while interacting with others to take essential decisions. Excellence in safety is the core value of the Company. Taking responsibility for the health and safety of their employees, ensuring trust, cooperation and support in the workplace, while keeping the customers’ interest in focus, are the guiding principles of the Company.


Energy Safe Victoria provides value and reliable service to customers through continuous innovation and adding value to their business with integrity. The team acts ethically and remains accountable for all their actions and decisions, driving inspiration from the corporate values. The company works towards creating a positive workplace environment that is conducive to growth.


Energy Safe Victoria has always given top priority to its community and the people of Victoria. It enjoys high ratings for performance measures and community safety and creating community awareness with its educational campaigns. Its common programs cover Enforcement activity, National regulatory reform and Electrical Infrastructure. The 2012–13 year sees continued improvement in ESV’s delivery of safety messaging, resulting an overall satisfaction from the community.

Public Campaigns run by ESV
•   Beware carbon monoxide
•   Look up and live
•   Camping safely with gas
•   Dial before you dig
•   Take care when cooking
•   Outdoor BBQ safety
•   Don't work live

Working with Jemena

Jemena is one of the distribution companies in Victoria that works with Energy Safe Victoria and is responsible for the safe and reliable distribution. The company offers a certificate of compliance for any electrical and gas work at the customer’s place. Critical maintenance work and significantly upgraded network has earned Company the reliability and trust of the customers.



  • Street: Level 5, Building 2, 4 Riverside Quay, Southbank
  • Postcode: 3006
  • City: Melbourne
  • State: Victoria
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: (03) 9203 9700
  • Sales: (03) 9203 9700
  • Fax: Fax (03) 9686 2197