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Energy Ombudsman Tasmania

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In October 1998, the Office of the Electricity Ombudsman was established after the Electricity Ombudsman Act came into existence in June 1998. With the introduction of natural gas to the Tasmanian energy market, amendments were made to the Act and the Electricity Ombudsman became the Energy Ombudsman.
Energy Ombudsman is an independent dispute resolution service provider which offers effective and confidential services free of cost for complaints from electricity and natural gas consumers.

Its services includes
•    Awarding and registering agreements between parties
•    Identifying and reviewing systemic issues out of complaints
•    Help the energy entities to develop measures to resolve complaints
•    Terminating Complaints

Energy Ombudsman is responsible for investigating complaints from electricity and natural gas customers on issues relating to:
•    Disconnection or restriction of supply
•    Reliability and quality of supply
•    Disputed accounts and high bills
•    Connection or transfer issues
•    Debts and arrears
•    Poor customer service

It offers general information to the energy consumer about their rights and responsibilities. A senior office in the company will contact you directly and examine the grounds that led to the grievances.  Most of the cases get resolved with both parties satisfied with the negotiation. The Energy Ombudsman makes a binding decision wherever it feels appropriate.

The Service Standards published maintain that the company will act professionally courteously and impartially. The complainant will be kept informed at all times about decisions.


The Energy Ombudsman remains committed to resolving complaints, peacefully and responsibly. The company visualizes a community free of such disputes and ensures a cordial relation between the energy company and their consumers.


Energy Ombudsman carries a valuable experience related to complaints about energy companies and resolving them with positive outcomes. The decisions made by Energy Ombudsman are binding for the company and there is no appeal process, once a final decision has been made. It looks after all disputes related to gas or electricity supply to a home or small business.


For Energy Ombudsman, the customers are always at the forefront while conducting their operations. The Customer Committee is made of independent industry experts to create effective policy, planning and decisions for the customers. The aim is to build a climate of trust between the community and the Energy industry and maintain an open approach to all issues.


Energy Ombudsman works within the scope of the Tasmanian legislation when handling complaints against energy suppliers and distributors. Decisions are made within the purview of Energy Ombudsman Act 1998 for resolution of complaints and any other related purpose. The company acts professionally, efficiently and impartially.  The involved parties are informed and clearly explained about the decisions made related to the complaint. Their compliance with the regulatory Acts and fair decisions go a long way in ensuring the sustainability of the organization.


  • GPO Box 960 Hobart 7001
  • Street: Ground Floor 99 Bathurst St
  • Postcode: 7000
  • City: Hobart
  • State: Tasmania


  • Telephone: 1800 001 170
  • Sales: 1800 001 170
  • Fax: (02) 9853 6000