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Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre Victoria

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CUAC is a specialized consumer organization which has been working seamlessly for more than a decade to promote consumer interests by doing research on issues relating to utility services at the grass route level and doing advocacy of the same in various forums and in regulatory processes. CUAC has appointed various Reference Groups which interact with consumers/consumer groups and provide the information relating to various issues faced by them with regard to utility services.
The Company policies are formulated by the board of directors and are reviewed on a periodic basis. The board is constituted by professionals with diversified facets viz. business and public administration, specialist financial services lawyers, public policy experts etc having rich experience in various domains.

The primary functions of the Company include:

a)    Facilitate and undertake the preparation and dissemination of independent research on consumer related Utility issues
b)    Understand root cause of consumer utilities issues, with particular attention to low income, disadvantaged and rural consumers.
c)    Independent and proactive advocacy for Victorian Utility consumers to effectively represent their interest in regulatory processes
d)    Advocate for increased funding to support the establishment of a national energy advocacy body
e)    Engage in policy and regulatory policies relating to Victorian consumers e.g. Smart meter roll-outs
f)    Advocate for consumer education and information initiatives
g)    Provide advice to policymakers and regulators based on its research on consumer issues


CUAC works with a clear vision to promote the interests of Victorian consumers, especially low-income, disadvantaged, rural and regional and indigenous consumers and effectively represent them in the policy and regulatory debate on electricity, gas and water. In this direction, the Company has made a consortium which will work towards preventing the interests of low income Aboriginal consumers.


Company’s commitment to informed advocacy of consumer issues before regulators and policymakers by performing detailed research at grass route level makes it stand apart from other organisations.


The Company believes that all the Victorians have a right to affordable and sustainable utility services. Their interests should be considered while formulating the policy and regulatory decisions on water, gas and electricity. The utility services should not be discontinued if the consumers are not able to pay for these services.


a)    CUAC works closely with various stakeholders viz. consumers, regulators and policymakers to augment the interests of consumers. This goes a long way in ensuring sustainable economic growth.
b)    The Board has also adopted overall risk management strategy which seeks to assist the Company in meeting its financial targets, whilst minimising potential adverse effects on financial performance. These policies are reviewed by the Board on a regular basis.
c)    The Company receives government grants under different schemes to achieve its objectives
d)    The Company works in a very transparent manner and complies with all the rules and regulations of the state.
e)    It has got a Corporate Governance structure in place which ensures that all the activities are done within legal framework and after considering various risk factors.
f)    The role of the Reference Group within CUAC’s corporate governance structure is fundamental in providing key advice to the CUAC Board about emerging energy and water issues in the Victorian community. This enabled the board to successfully review the terms of reference and establishment of a more transparent application process.


  • Street: Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre Ltd, Suite 3, Level 2, 172 Flinders St
  • Postcode: 3000
  • City: Melbourne
  • State: Victoria


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