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Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)

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AEMO was established in July 2009 under the guidance of Ministerial Council of Energy by Council of Australian Governments to act as a governance body and bring together under one operational framework responsibility

•   the electricity and gas market operation,
•   NEM system operations,
•   management of Victoria’s gas transmission network and
•   National transmission planning. 

In a bid to bring the electricity and gas functions under one operational framework, the Company was entrusted with the responsibilities previously undertaken by National Electricity Market Management Company, Electricity Supply Industry Planning Council, Victorian Energy Networks Corporation, Retail Energy Market Company, Gas Market Company  and Gas Retail Market Operator who acted as the market operators for these utility services.

The membership structure of the Company is split between government and industry in the proportion of 60:40.

AEMO plays an important role in the national energy market both as a planner and as one of the operators. The Company recognizes the need to make sure that the country benefits from efficient and effective supply of energy. The core concept behind the operation of AEMO is cost effectiveness to the partners, and the country’s citizens.

The two roles as market operator and as a power system operator are intertwined and bring together other aspects of the Company, including the following services:

•   Transmission
•   Market development
•   Forecasting and Planning
•   Managing emergencies
•   Training
•   Engaging the stakeholders


AEMO has a vision of being pivotal to markets that secure Australia’s energy needs. In line with this vision, the Company plans, develops and operates markets that are responsive to the energy sector needs and support long term investment in Australia.


What sets AEMO apart from other organizations in the industry is the progressive nature. The working environment is full of exciting challenges for employees who are self-driven to success. There is nothing that beats working for an organization that literally builds the future for the whole country. To be able to do this, the organization offers among other benefits, income protection insurance, community service leave, social clubs, competitive remuneration and a graduate program.


The driving force behind AEMO is to deliver clean sustainable energy solutions for the Australian citizen, while at the same time making sure that these solutions are cost effective in the long run. In line with this, AEMO encourages competition among players in the industry, while at the same time making it possible for new players to enter the industry to invest for long term growth. Primary interest for the company’s endeavor lies in meeting customer interests, ensuring privacy of all participants and most importantly delivering affordable energy solutions for suppliers and customers.


According to the AEMO 100% renewable energy report, Australia can meet all its electricity demand through renewable energy sources. The Company is working step by step towards achieving this goal, and it is projected that within the next decade South Australia will reach 50% renewable energy. At the moment, one out of every five houses in South Australia is connected to rooftop solar, while more than 25% of the power is from wind energy.


In order to ensure proper land procurement and use, AEMO has a framework for planning the logistics involved in this venture. This is through the AEMO Connecting Victoria: Transmission Project Development Protocol whose role is in identifying the relevant stakeholders and communicating with them as per their roles in the industry.


AEMO has a number of partners who help the organization in achieving its long term goals of cost effective and clean energy for the country. The key players in this regard are the State Ombudsmen, the Energy participants and the Governmental and Regulatory bodies.


  • GPO 2008 Melbourne VIC 3001
  • Street: Level 22 530 Collins St
  • Postcode: 3000
  • City: Melbourne
  • State: Victoria
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: +61 3 9609 8000
  • Sales: +61 3 9609 8000