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Tas Gas Networks

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According to Tas Gas Networks, natural gas makes life easier. Though it is a fossil fuel, it's a cheap, safe and energy efficient one. Natural gas is versatile and can be used for cooking, showering, heating, barbecuing and much more. Moreover, increases customers' comfort levels by allowing for instant and controllable heat. And best of all, it's environmentally friendly. For these reasons and others, 43,000 private and commercial customers have already signed up for receiving natural gas through the pipelines owned and operated by Tas Gas.

The project began in May 2003 with the early design process for a new natural gas network to carry natural gas via the  Tasmanian Gas Pipeline (TGP) from Victoria to the population of Tasmania. Two years later, about one hundred kilometres of pipeline had been laid in the urban centres of Hobart, Launceston, Longford, Westbury, Bell Bay, Wynyard and Devonport. The second stage was deemed complete in April 2007, after the successful laying of another 612 kilometres of pipeline across Tasmania. Furthermore, Tas Gas Networks is the official operator of the TGP, which is currently the only pipeline supplying natural gas from Victoria to Tasmania.

  • Vision: Tas Gas Networks primarily hopes to expand its gas distribution network even further until it’s able to deliver natural gas to the whole population of Tasmania in a safe, reliable, cheap and efficient way. Its subsidiary Tas Gas Retail is currently the largest natural gas retailer in the state, but the mother company works very closely together with a large variety of other independent retailers. By opening up the network and encouraging competition, Tas Gas Networks aims to maximize the expansion of its customer base.
  • Philosophy: Tas Gas' corporate values are integrity, leadership, teamwork, partnership, innovation, safety and sustainability. The Tas Gas team expects all staff members to follow these guiding principles to the letter at all times. In return, they are given access to ongoing training and development opportunities, competitive pay rates, bonuses and a fitness program. Additionally, the corporate culture stresses positivity, flexibility and responsibility.
  • Social: Tas Gas Networks is a pillar of the Tasmanian community and offers prospective employees a challenging, exciting and friendly work environment as well as a closely-knit team of able colleagues to work with. The company stresses safety above all and goes to great efforts to cultivate a positive team culture among its employees. Some of the strategies Tas Gas uses to accomplish this besides remunerative ones are very flexible working hours, non-compulsory uniforms and the Fitness For Work program.
  • Sustainability: A firm believer in natural gas, Tas Gas sees in this energy source the most effective practical way to combat greenhouse gas emissions, acid rain and climate change. Natural gas is not a renewable energy source, but it’s the cleanest fossil fuel and remains invaluable in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and safeguard a more sustainable future for ourselves.
  • Charities: All employees are given a full paid day off work to volunteer for a charity project of their own choosing. The company also integrates Corporate Social Responsibility principles to design and organise specific projects to give back to the community.


  • Level 3, 87
  • Street: George Street
  • Postcode: 7250
  • City: Launceston
  • State: Tasmania
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 1800 770 018
  • Sales: 1800 770 018