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Envestra Limited is one of Australia's largest natural gas distribution companies and is engaged in the provision of natural gas haulage services to retailers through its owned and managed transmission pipelines and distribution networks in Australia.

  • It owns about 22,500 kilometres of natural gas distribution networks and 1,120 kilometres of transmission pipelines, serving over 1.14 million consumers in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.
  • The Company is listed on Australian Stock Exchange and its corporate governance framework complies with the guidelines of the Australian Securities Exchange's Corporate Governance Council.


To expand the Company's gas distribution networks into new areas where natural gas is not available, and to increase the average number of gas appliances in dwellings. Each year the Company spends around $80 million to expand its natural gas networks, connecting new customers and improving supplies in its areas of operation.


Natural gas is Australia's fastest growing energy source, currently accounting for 18% of the country's primary energy market which is estimated to increase to 24% by 2020. Envestra owns infrastructure assets that have the capacity to supply gas to consumers for over 100 years or more. This gives the Company an edge over other players in the market.


Align the operations and business processes with the interests of shareholders, employees, customers, and communities with a minimal bearing on environment to achieve strategic growth.

This accounts for ensuring long-term returns to the shareholders, promoting and delivering natural gas in an environment-friendly manner, providing congenial work environment for employees, giving outstanding service to retail and commercial consumers and developing strategic partnerships to communicate the benefits of natural gas.


The Company is committed to sound management of quality, health, safety and environmental issues associated with the activities of the Company. It complies with the guidelines of ISO9000 Quality Management System to ensure the activities performed by the business conform to legislative requirements and set benchmarks for industry best practice. Regular compliance audit of the business ascertains that field activities are well managed, adaptable to change and undergo continuous improvement.

Envestra's Employees

The Company strives to provide and maintain a satisfying and rewarding working environment for employees.

  • Employees are provided with training considered mandatory to undertake their role and are encouraged to take advantage of other company sponsored training programs.
  • The professional and academic development of staff is facilitated through educational assistance funding.
  • Rehabilitation and return-to-work plans are developed to allow employees to re-enter the workplace as soon as practicable, and assist with their recovery.

Health Safety Environment Management

  • The Company has a Health Safety and Environment Policy which is supported by comprehensive Standards and Codes of Practice to ensure occupational health and safety and minimum environment hazards.
  • It has developed and implemented an Environmental Management Program that is based on the requirements of ISO14001:1996 to ensure employees and contractors have the training, skills and equipment to perform their roles with regard for the environment.

Community Sponsorships

Some of the Company's initiatives to support the community are:

  • Housing Industry Association
  • Master Builders Association
  • Urban Development Institute of Australia
  • Property Council of Australia
  • Australian Institute of Air Conditioning and Heating

Envestra supports the training of apprentice chefs and other trainees through Hospitality Group Training. It also operates a matching program for employee donations to charitable organisations.

Corporate Tree

Envestra Limited has following direct / indirect subsidiaries:-

  • Envic Holdings 1 Pty Limited
  • Envestra (SA) Holdings 1 Limited
  • Envestra (Qld) Limited
  • Envestra (NSW) Holdings 1 Pty Limited
  • Envic Holdings 2 Limited
  • Envestra (SA) Limited
  • Envestra (NSW) Holdings 2 Pty Limited
  • Envestra Victoria Pty Limited
  • Envestra (NSW) Holdings 3 Pty Limited
  • Vic Gas Distribution Pty Limited
  • Envestra (NSW) Pty Limited
  • The Albury Gas Company Limited


  • Street: Level 10, 81 Flinders Street
  • Postcode: 5000
  • City: Adelaide
  • State: South Australia
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 1800 808 526
  • Sales: 1800 808 526