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AGL Gas Networks

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AGL Gas Networks’ main proposition focuses on being at the forefront of developing viable gas storage for better environmental support. Whatever the kind of seasonal variations throughout the year, AGL’s gas storage facilities remain well managed and up to par with the industry standards.

  •     AGL Gas Networks’ commitment to safety encompasses having its gas wells considerably secluded from aquifers using steel casing and cement.
  •     The company’s environmental management plan has been one of the most rigorous in the field with every plan done in conjunction with a comprehensive ecological assessment.
  •     AGL Gas Networks’ takes into consideration all important habitat values in the community they’re working with.
  •     The company’s dedication to lessen the possible impacts of any environmental risks from its activities clearly demonstrates the value it has imparted to sound energy options.
  •     Along with excellent quality conditions and reservoir integrity, AGL Gas Networks have made it their priority to promote safety and better well-being to their partner communities.


AGL Gas Networks endeavours to identify with sound business goals that are not just achievable but are also deemed suitable to today’s energy needs. Through sound implementation targets, the company has successfully employed strategies that concluded wonderfully over the years. This includes stretching out extensive opportunities that enable professional growth and development that remain untapped in other company’s work culture.


AGL Gas Networks has distinctively made a mark in the field by employing mitigation measures that considerably lessens key environmental issues involved. Through strict compliance, the company was able to fully utilize its extensive renewable generation assets and at the same time champion a healthy working environment that benefits every member of the company.


Through new and innovative discoveries, AGL Gas Networks has always fully reared its head towards allocating assets for better energy and environmental cause. From sound working ethics to well-planned benefits, the company has fully made its commitment known to both its longstanding employees and potential candidates looking to expand their mettle. 


AGL Gas Networks consistently goes by the ideology of integrity and stability. By means of their accredited green energy products, the company has made it its aim to reduce its carbon emission by a significant margin. More than advocating sustainable success for the environment, AGL Gas Networks also promotes skill development in support of its current pool of employees.


AGL Gas Networks has always thoroughly invested in well-founded construction and management plans in order to maximize the potential social benefit of harnessing gas. Through these measures, partner communities benefit as a whole even for the long-term. This well-founded communal objective has always been one of AGL’s key strengths in harnessing its workforce potential.


AGL Gas Networks community and sponsorships project are one of the most vaunted in the industry. Their corporate grants have benefited a multitude of charities for the past years with more in store for its partner communities. With their quest for more expansive financial assistance endeavours, the company has fully made it known that it stands by its philosophy of giving back.


  • Street: 5 Royal Terrace
  • Postcode: 4007
  • City: Hamilton
  • State: Queensland


  • Telephone: 131 245
  • Sales: 131 245