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With over 100 years of sustained tradition of excellence,Ausgrid has managed to deliver a secure and dependable network of electricity. This network involves more than 1.6 million homes and business all throughout the area of Sydney.

  •        Ausgrid employs around 200 electricity substations with ground electricity cables that go beyond 50,000 km.
  •        In partnership with its staff, Ausgrid competently runs the whole of its electricity network in order to adequately address any emergency issues as they arise in real time.
  •        From energy efficient advice to sustainable products, Ausgrid makes sure it aptly attends to all its customer needs.
  •        The company’s infrastructure programs have brought considerable upgrade to Ausgrid’s services with as much as 50 new major substations added.
  •        Through Ausgrid’s first ever commercial scale smart grid program, the company is able to utilize a kind of technology that has remained largely unexplored before.


Ausgrid’s chief objective has always been to be the frontrunner of providing the best energy services for transmission and distribution network.

$1         Differentiation

The company distinguishes itself from others through its proud history of service ever since its centenary this 2004. Despite the change of name, the company has retained the quality of service it has always been known for.

$1         Philosophy

Ausgrid’s business principle is to ensure the safety and reliability of their network in their bid to provide optimum value for their service.

$1         Sustainability

Ausgrid’s measures for sustainability encompass a broad range of services such as energy reviews, safety check-ups, round-the-clock electrical repairs along with constant metering of all pertinent power lines and products.

$1         Social

For years, Ausgrid has made it a point to do community investments and partnerships that aptly demonstrates their commitment to enacting their corporate social responsibility.

$1    Charities

Ausgrid proactively contributes to various causes it believes in. The company clearly shows its respect to the communities it has partnered with so they ensure that strategic partnerships are formed every step of the way.


  • Right to Information Officer Ausgrid GPO Box 4009
  • Postcode: 2001
  • City: Sydney
  • State: NSW


  • Telephone: 13 15 35
  • Sales: 13 15 35
  • Fax: (02) 9269 2830