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Powercor Australia

Strong, Reliable, Empowering

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CitiPower and Powercor Australia operate under the same Executive Team but are independent electricity distributors. Combining their resources the two giants own and manage poles and wires that deliver electricity to more than a million homes and businesses.

  • Vision: Powercor's main vision is to see that their professional staff delivers excellent customer service that involves listening, responding, and offering practical tools to help customers understand their power supply.
  • Differentiation: Powercor is committed to improving the performance of it's network and ensure reliable service to every one of their customers. They invest millions of dollars on improvements, regular maintenance, and growth.
  • Philosophy: At Powercor the philosophy is simple. They focus on making a new connection, or upgraded connection, process simple.
  • Sustainability: Powercor plans for the future by monitoring today carefully.They incorporate sophisticated software to keep an eye on their vast network, and invest millions of dollars each year toward advanced developments and up to date maintenance.
  • Organizational Structure and Ownership: "Cheung Kong Infrastructure Ltd (CKI) and Power Assets Holdings Ltd together own 51 per cent of CitiPower and Powercor. Both are members of the Cheung Kong group of companies, are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and are also majority owners of South Australian electricity distributor SA Power Networks. The remaining 49 per cent of CitiPower, Powercor and SA Power Networks is owned by Spark Infrastructure, a specialist infrastructure group listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Its objective is to invest in regulated utility infrastructure in Australia and overseas, including electricity and gas distribution and transmission and regulated water and sewerage assets."


  • Postcode: 3018
  • City: Altona
  • State: VIC
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 132 206
  • Sales: 132 206