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CitiPower boasts of an extensive network of distribution that reach more than 310,000 consumers in both Melbourne’s suburbs and central business district. Despite the nature of its extensiveness, the company remains to have one of the most reliable electricity networks in the country.

  • CitiPower’s dedication to having the foremost infrastructure and services makes it one of the premier energy retailers in Australia.
  • The company works in tandem with Powercor Australia in order to fully operate within its full maximum potential.
  • Hailed for its dependability, CitiPower aptly lives up to its name by ensuring that its management strategies consistently remain in top form.
  • CitiPower regularly updates its strategy plans in order to fully employ the most optimal electricity safety plans that mitigate any environmental risks involved.
  • Servicing hundreds of thousands of customers, CitiPower’s investments are responsibly done in order to completely benefit all of the company’s consumers.


CitiPower’s core aim is to manage and competently deliver electricity to Melbourne. In enacting this objective, they ensure that all wires and equipment are quality in standard and are always duly stocked should there be any supply necessities.


As a company that values environmental considerations greatly, CitiPower distinctively sets itself apart by minimising ecological risks in addition to attaining compliance to current relevant regulatory and legislative requirements.


CitiPower’s approach is defined by its competent management of its electrical assets and infrastructure. Through this capable consolidation of all pertaining policies and procedures, the company is able to show its high level of dedication to both its short-term and long-term objectives.


The company’s renewable energy program is claimed to be one of the most comprehensive in the country. Along with consistent performance monitoring, CitiPower’s regular inspection and maintenance ensures that risks are prevented from the get-go.


From sponsorships to development opportunities, CitiPower has employed every means available in order to extend their reach to various communities they’ve worked with. Their workforce support and other social programs are also strong areas that the company has made sure to invest in over the years.


One of CitiPower’s main motives is to actively support their partner communities in the business. Having already invested ample contribution in the past, the company doesn’t rest on its laurels and continues to hold sponsorships programs such as the “Spirit of Excellence” program, which donated almost $10,000 to charities.


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