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Sanctuary Energy

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Sanctuary Energy differs from most electricity retailers in one key aspect: sustainability. While renewable energy is often high on the agenda of other retailers and many offer sustainable, GreenPower-accredited energy plans, it’s only rarely their primary area of interest. Sanctuary Energy on the other hand is all about renewables. It’s a small, but innovative company with an unrelenting focus on green energy, solar power and sustainable development.

Sanctuary guides property developers from the early planning stages of a project to its ultimate development and finish. Along the way, the company recommends green infrastructure solutions and practical tips to increase energy efficiency. This ensures that the finished residential, commercial or industrial development can be supplied reliably with affordable, clean energy. Alternatively, if the property has already been developed, Sanctuary Energy provides optimisation of the existing energy infrastructure to decrease the use of non-renewables (with demand management and distributed energy initiatives for example).

Of course, as an electricity retailer, the company also provides competitively-priced energy plans and offers attractive feed-in tariff schemes after installing their solar solutions. The driving principles behind Sanctuary’s business plan are responsibility, innovation and environmental consciousness.

Vision: Sanctuary Energy wants to make clean energy solutions affordable for everyone. Their approach is to engage residential and commercial property developers on the infrastructure level to develop and/or optimise their renewable energy infrastructure. Sanctuary stands for clean, competitively-priced energy and a more sustainable Australia.

Differentiation: A small company with great ideas, Sanctuary's focus is exclusively on green energy and a cleaner environment. Unlike other energy firms, Sanctuary is convinced that renewable energy can already be more cost-effective than traditional energy procurement.

Philosophy: The philosophy of this company revolves around green energy, sustainability and carbon neutrality on the one hand and good business sense, innovativeness and customer service on the other.

Sustainability: Sanctuary Energy was founded specifically to create a more sustainable future for Australia and to help developers realise that low prices and sustainability can go hand in hand. In addition to its green core activities – described in detail above – the firm also contributes to the environment by providing people with tips and advice to save energy via their website. Finally, Sanctuary supports projects to build more large-scale solar thermal generators in Australia.

Social: Sanctuary acknowledges the problems our natural environment is facing and recognises the increasing environmental awareness of the community. It plans on playing a major role in moving the Australian public in the right direction.

Charities: As a small company, Sanctuary Energy is not yet involved in any high-profile charity sponsorships. However, the company already promotes several ongoing initiatives relating to sustainability, demand management and distributed energy.


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