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People Energy

We Mean Business

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"We are a team of passionate industry professionals with extensive experience and a single focus, to give Victorian customers a retailer that understands what they need."

  • Vision: People Energy exists to improve the customer experience. Increasing and sustaining customer value by delivering innovative products, services and pricing that reduce cost.
  • Differentiation: The companies South Melbourne based customer care staff are carefully selected employees who have enthusiasm, drive, and knowledge of the energy industry. People Energy make sure that their representatives are thoroughly trained to understand energy delivery for every situation.
  • Philosophy: People Energy knows that everyone is an individual, who deserves individual attention and care. They stay in touch with their customers and keep everyone up to date with their chosen service option. They also know that electricity has not always been easy to decipher, and have made it one of their core values to keep our products easy to understand.
  • Sustainability: People Energy plans for the future by making constant efforts towards improving customer relations and focusing on exceptional service. As they strive for customer loyalty they also are on a constant move toward new innovations and competative pricing.

Assiting customers in Victoria in understanding their energy bills, and providing the most accurate quotes possible, People energy works with the purpose of ensuring satisfaction in every consumer from your home to your small business.


  • Street: Locked Bag 5757, Melbourne GPO VIC 3000
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 1300 788 970
  • Sales: 1300 788 970
  • Fax: 03 8692 5002