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Blue NRG

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As an energy company that’s fully customized to meet the specific business needs of SMEs, Blue NRG has built itself as a more feasible choice towards better energy rates and more reliable service. As a company who’s in the process of establishing itself in this highly competitive industry, joining the company is sure to be a gratifying challenge for anyone looking to make their mark.

  • With a staff level of over 200, individuals looking to join a robust company will find Blue NRG’s business atmosphere as the right fit for them.
  • The company is purely an Australian company committed to delivering one of the choicest energy plans to SMEs in the country.
  • From private firms to business owners, more and more enterprises are looking to Blue NRG for more viable energy plan alternatives.
  • As a company slowly making its way to mainstream visibility, individuals looking for room to grow can expect a lot of progress from Blue NRG.
  • Blue NRG’s overall objectives involve flexible duties that provide enough leeway for individuals to expand their skill set.


Blue NRG’s core aim is to provide a marketing approach that integrates diversity and harmony even from different perspectives. If you’re primary aim is to have a career that thrives on various kinds of challenges then hop on board at Blue NRG. As an organization that


As a company that puts a premium on the right kind of expertise, Blue NRG makes sure that the members of its company get the right intellectual stimulation and individual consideration for optimum professional growth. Through this kind of fostering, Blue NRG paves the way for a healthier working ambiance that’s seldom seen in other corporate institutions.


Blue NRG is committed to sound business principles that enable fair practices not just in the energy industry but also towards their partner communities and members of the company. With this kind of association, the company makes sure that they are able to translate their integrity outside their financial dealings.


The company’s sustainable approach in conducting its business and employee hiring has provided a hallmark strategy in upholding Blue NRG’s dedication to fairness and transparency. Every area with potential is utilized with an utmost consideration to the implications that it can have on the environment.


From volunteer opportunities to sponsorship applications, Blue NRG extends programs to both small and large communities. Needless to say, corporate citizenship is definitely one of the company’s strongest assets as it sustains their value of magnanimity and integrity. As an organization that puts a premium on social responsibility, you as a potential employee can also function in line with this principle.


In terms of charitable contributions, Blue NRG has never been one to tighten one’s belt. The organization’s reputation and image among various communities is always of an entity that does not begrudge giving and instead purports generosity through various initiatives. For individuals looking to be in line with much philanthropic involvement, Blue NRG provides the right environment for you.


  • PO Box 311, Surrey Hills VIC 3127
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 1300 355 755
  • Sales: 1300 355 755
  • Fax: 1300 881 903