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Re-Energise Your Business

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Powerdirect has a wealth of experience in dealing with all your household or business electricity needs. Focusing on business electricity makes them the perfect solution for customers that are looking to manage their electricity on just one bill, with only one supplier, even if they operate in multiple locations.

Powerdirect works for their customers by maximising electricity savings through competitive prices. They provide useful advice on how to save power at home, and help guide businesses when they are looking to manage usage.

  • Vision: Powerdirect aims to provide every customer with a great deal through passing on the benefits of the experience they have gained through operating successfully in competitive electricity markets.
  • Differentiation:Their strength is in providing great rates and specialised service, but they stand apart because of the attention they take in the diverse and complex needs of business customers of any size.
  • Philosophy: The philosophy behind Powerdirect is that their business should work for their customers, and the most effective way to build and maintain relationships, partnerships, initate customer loyalty and trust is to listen and respond to each unique requirement and desire.
  • Sustainability: In a plan to remain sustainable Powerdirect has formed close relations with leading industry associations. These relationships have allowed Powerdirect to gain leverage and innovation, as well as lend expertise and increased knowledge of the competative industry.

"Powerdirect now offers green energy products. The accredited green power product is offered at a cost effective price, ensuring great value for our customers seeking an environmentally friendly alternative. At Powerdirect, we’re running a program to minimise our landfill waste, increase recycling and be more energy efficient. So far we have decreased our landfill waste by 50%."


  • PO Box 1028, Glen Waverley VIC 3150
  • Street: Complex 1 / 303 Burwood Highway
  • Postcode: 3151
  • City: Burwood East
  • State: VIC
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 1300 307 966
  • Sales: 1300 307 966
  • Fax: 03 8805 6699