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Power & Water Corporation

Be 'Greener' Day to Day

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Operating in environments that have relatively undisturbed ecosystems, Power and Water Corporation recognises that their activities have the potential to affect the areas in which they work. A key to their corporate values rests within the fact that they take responsibility for their actions and consider their impact on the surrounding landscapes and environment.

  • Vision: Power and Water Corporation is committed to sustainable power, water and sewerage services that are clean and green. Their vision is to deliver consistent, quality, service to both the small remote communities as well as major developed areas. While delivering a greener option to Australians from anywhere in the Northern Territories, they also hope to educate people on how they can cut costs, reduce waste, and help save the enviroment.
  • Differentiation: Power and Water Corporation recognises that they have a responsibility to keep their community clean.
  • Philosophy: At Power and Water Corporation, they feel that education is the key to a brighter future. They show this in their partnerships, initiatives, and sponsorships across a variety of ecological awareness projects.
  • Sustainability: "Although population growth will continue to be a major driver of this growth, many of the Territory and Australian Government initiatives aimed at improving lifestyle and health outcomes will lead to greater use of power and water services." The plan to remain sustainable at Power and Water is to keep up with this demand through consistently managing and updating their systems as well as participate in water and energy conservation programs.

Raising awareness about where water and electricity come from, and how to conserve supplies for future generations are a few of Power and Water Corporation's goals. They know that everyone must do their part and hope to help all of Australia contribute.

Some of their prime initiatives are;

  • To manage emissions to minimize their impact on air quality.
  •  Minimise emissions of gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect and minimize the use of ozone depleting substances.
  • They will strive to ensure that providing sustainable power, water and sewage services, does not come at the cost of the environmental values of the source water bodies.
  • Environmental management measures have been put in place to stop land contamination from being due to their activities.

"In particular, we have a responsibility to ensure that the biodiversity values of areas under our direct management are protected and enhanced where possible."

Power and Water, in addition to community awareness sponsorships, manages and supports activities such as public bird watching. Currently operating two world-class bird watching facilities, Leanyer ponds in Darwin and Ilparpa ponds in Alice Springs, they not only attract tourists from across Australia but also around the world.



  • GPO Box 3596 Darwin NT 0801
  • Street: 55 Mitchell Street,
  • Postcode: 0871
  • City: Darwin
  • State: NT
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 1800 245 092
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