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Neighbourhood Energy

The Smart Option

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"At Neighbourhood Energy, we believe that a better way to do business is to offer our customers competitively priced electricity."

  • Vision: Renewable energy is easily replenished, creates far less carbon emissions,yet it is more expensive than using non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels. 100% Accredited GreenPower is costly to produce but it is Neighbourhood Energy's vision to see more customers choosing GreenPower so that the industry continues to grow, making renewable energy cheaper.
  • Differentiation: Neighbourhood Energy supports local communities through a Community Partner Program that truly shows what the company was formed on. Every customer that pays their bill on time has the option of donating their pay-on-time discount to charity or a local community group. Neighbourhood Energy is also involved in School programs and focuses on education and environmental awareness.
  • Philosophy: By offering a variety of products designed for individual needs, no fixed term contracts or exit fees, and providing customers with a more personal customer service, Neighbourhood works hard to ensure that the people of Victoria find it easy and affordable as they make the switch to a Green Energy option.
  • Sustainability: Since electricity delievered by Neighbourhood is provided by the same poles and wires as before and still maintained by your local distribution business, their customers can expect the same level of reliability and service. Renewable energy is re-usable energy which although it cannot be contained in a supply chamber, it can be harnessed on demand.

Neighbourhood works with the following network companies; 

  • Alinta
  • Citipower
  • Powercor
  • SP AusNet
  • United Energy


  • GPO Box 1302, Melbourne VIC 3001
  • Street: 11/20 Bridge St
  • Postcode: 2000
  • City: Sydney
  • State: NSW
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 1300 764 860
  • Sales: 1300 764 860
  • Fax: 9049 2905