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Horizon Power

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Horizon Power is a commercial corporation that prides itself in providing secure and dependable energy solutions to residents all over Western Australia. As a distinctive energy utility that generates, procures, retails and distributes electricity, the company has employed comprehensive systems to furnish energy solutions even to remote and far-flung places.

  • Setting Horizon Power apart from its competitors is its passion in developing sustainable solutions that's proven to deliver for the long haul.
  • Horizon Power thrives in challenging environments by delivering responsible and reputable energy supply.
  • With an energy system designed to operate even in the most extreme heat or cyclonic conditions, Horizon Power has veritably invested in measures that ensure resiliency to the highest level.
  • Horizon Power's core belief lies in maximizing the social, economic and environmental advantages of their energy solutions.
  • One of the company's key business strategies is to develop resources that are sustainable and efficient for both present and future use.


Horizon Power's vision lies in seeking renewable energy options for the energy industry through action plans that enable community engagement and business dealings that are beneficial for all parties.


One unique premise of Horizon Power is their passion and commitment to delivering viable energy solutions. With their due respect for their communities' culture and heritage, it is needless to say that the company has employed the appropriate capacity to train and develop various types of resources for the optimum social advantage.


Horizon Power recognizes the need for advancing energy ideals that are in line with the changing environmental landscape. By engaging in holistic pursuits that enable this need, the company is paving the way for a greener future in the years to come.


With its valuable recognition that environment is power, Horizon Energy has fully committed to extending environmental excellence towards all its energy endeavours in order to meet its sustainability objectives.


Horizon Power places distinguished value in the importance of the social implications of their energy solutions. Through the creation of intergenerational assets, the company plants a firm step towards their environmentally friendly goals.


The company takes big pride in entering partnerships with the communities that they're involved in. From education to training, Horizon Power has amply invested in business and sporting developments to better the safety of its partner communities.


Energy Sources

Horizon Energy's main source comes from electricity although they also have a solar hybrid farm that debuted in 2010. Its resource development measures has been strictly concentrated in the sector to make sure that they are continuously expanding their systems to better serve their pool of customers.

Green Power

In a bid to enable the use of green power for a better means of saving, Horizon Power has employed systems that make use of microturbines that are low in maintenance while still being reliable and efficient.


The company has passed on its carbon costs to its customers since July 2012. The estimate of the costs for all customers is roughly around 7%.


Horizon Power has employed various strategies in its attempt to engage in clean and systematic waste disposal. Included in their disposal measures is the waste recovery system in Carnarvon and the Capstone Clean Cycle waste-to-heat electricity generator.


  • Follow the Dream Partnerships for Success Program - http://www.esperanceshs.wa.edu.au/
  • Opera Under The Stars
  • FORM Port Hedland Creative Partnership
  • Country Arts WA Burringurrah Out There Program
  • Kyle Andrews Foundation
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • Esperance Horizon Power Emergency Support Unit Partnership


Corporate Tree

Horizon Power is a power company that's state-government owned.

Payment Methods

There are a number of different options that you can use to pay for your bills. You can pay online using your debit or credit card or pay via telephone using the number 1300 134 615. Cheque payments and direct debit options are also available. For BPAY, you can pay through the web or phone. Alternatively, you can pay for your account at any Australia Post office or through Centrepay. Another viable payment option is through a budget card.



  • PO Box 817 Karratha WA 6714
  • Street: Stovehill Road,
  • Postcode: 6714
  • City: Karratha
  • State: Western Australia
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 1800 267 926
  • Sales: 1800 267 926