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Ergon Energy

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As a company set on delivering their purpose of providing secure, capable and dependable energy solutions, Ergon Energy has employed as much as $10.6 billion of its asset base in order to make the goal come true. Through their commitment in employing socially responsible options in all their undertakings, it's no wonder why Ergon Energy is a force to reckon with in the renewable energy field.

  • Fully dedicated to making electricity more economical, the company has established various initiatives to ensure network growth without steep consumer costs.
  • Ergon Energy's strict adherence to its values has enabled the company to pursue appropriate energy solutions that has veritable worth both in societal and environmental standards.
  • By incorporating good corporate governance into their daily operation, Ergon Energy makes sure that it conducts all its business with propriety and integrity.
  • As a hallmark of its commitment to sustainable solutions, Ergon Energy regularly updates its practices in accordance with the changing environmental landscape.
  • From new policies to procedures, every step has been developed with the end goal of appropriating results that are beneficial to both social and business communities Ergon Energy operates in.


As a customer-driven business, Ergon Energy puts a premium on its high-performing energy solutions. Every solution the company provides has been meticulously crafted in order to meet today's social and environmental needs.


Ergon Energy makes its distinctive mark by capitalizing on alternative energy generation. As one of Australia's biggest buyer of renewable energy, the company has fully ventured into making sound business decisions that take into account corporate responsibility by harnessing energy options from wind, geothermal and solar resources, to name a few.


Ergon Energy's business philosophy is based on success that's rooted in safety, professionalism, integrity, respect, innovation and teamwork. By utilizing these values, the company is intent on providing energy solutions that are safe, efficient and dependable.


The company prides itself in its future-oriented view of today's energy landscape and makes appropriate investment to further improve their stance on renewable energy. Ergon Energy has so far engaged in additional infrastructure through new buildings and means of distribution as an investment geared to catering to future use while taking into account its impact on the environment.


Ergon Energy has made it tone of their main objectives to extend their reach socially – either through the web and the communities they are involved with. Through this initiative, they make sure their customers are kept up-to-date on the latest developments in the field of energy.


The company has been deeply involved in making a difference by investing in various charities that champion their causes along with their partnerships to the communities they've been working with.



Ergon Energy provides ample options for its customers by providing multiple offers that can be negotiated to fit one's energy requirements.


The company offers gas options as it owns and operates a power station in Central Queensland.


Ergon Energy's solar power systems enable customers to save money through the installation of solar photovoltaic panels.


Energy Sources

The company's energy sources include both renewable and non-renewable energy such as wind, solar, geothermal and hydrogen fuel cells along with electricity and gas sources.

Green Power

The company has amply invested in the use of green power by making renewable energy available to their pool of customers.

Pollution Emissions

Ergon Energy has made serious on its commitment to minimize environmental impact by preserving biodiversity and waste minimization measures.


In a bid to reduce the company's greenhouse gas emissions, Ergon Energy has undertaken actions such as employing sustainable pole supply by establishing their own forests for future use.


To further solidify its stand on proper waste management, Ergon Energy has employed a third-party company to collect its oil and filtration waste twice a year along with other types of waste from its sites.


  • Atherton Gymnastics Hall
  • BIDEO Energy Reduction for Businesses Project
  • Stanthorpe Showgrounds Powerup Project
  • Electrical Power Upgrade for Gladstone Men's Shed
  • Northview State School Engage Educate Empower Energy Experts
  • Cerebral Palsy League - CQ Sunshade Project
  • Mackay Region 'Be Cool at School' Project
  • Barambah Environmental Education Centre Ergon Energy Saving Project
  • Working Together for a Cleaner Future - Maranoa
  • Showgrounds Kitchen Electrical Upgrade and Safety Awareness - Cunnamulla Show Society
  • Insulation of Ceiling of Utility Area - Granville Hockey Club
  • Energy Saving Conversion and Education Project - Maryborough Special School

Corporate Tree

  • Ergon Energy Corporation Limited serves as the main electricity distributor
  • Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd is the subsidiary company and serves as the electricity retailer
  • Ergon Energy Telecommunications Pty Ltd, known in the trading market as Nexium Telecommunications, serves Ergon Energy's communications needs and is also a licensed telecommunications carrier which offers high-speed data services
  • Ergon Energy holds stakes in the following companies: Energex Limited (for a joint venture), and SPARQ Solutions Pty Ltd

Payment Methods

Ergon Energy offers a broad range of payment methods for their clients including direct debit, BPAY, Centrepay, cheque/money order mail, credit card via phone, credit card via Internet, electronic funds transfer and you also have the option to pay in person.

Geography Covered

  • Cairns & Far North Queensland
  • Mount Isa & North West Region
  • The Central West
  • South West & Darling Downs
  • Townsville
  • Mackay Whitsunday Region
  • Rockhampton
  • Gladstone
  • Wide Bay Burnett
  • South East Queensland


  • PO Box 1090 Townsville QLD 4810


  • Telephone: 13 10 46
  • Sales: 13 10 46
  • Fax: 07 3228 8255