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Aurora Energy

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Aurora Energy is one leading company that boasts of being able to completely integrate good energy solutions and a broad network business. With this winning combination, Aurora Energy endeavours to supply supportive results to their customers.

  •     Aurora Energy prides itself with the implementation of new reforms with an emphasis on making viable changes that are beneficial for the long-term.
  •      The company has enabled a seamless way for its consumers to enjoy workable improvements that are of service to more people.
  •      Aurora Energy’s strategic focus lies in meeting its customer needs for better sustainable costs.
  •     The company’s present operating environment continues to be relevant by supporting the government’s initiative of minimising any increases.
  •      Through Aurora’s efficient implementations of its reforms, it is able to remain customer-focused by reducing their costs for the long run.


Aurora’s main imperative has always been focused on reducing debt while still being able to maximise commercial returns for the benefit of the company.

$1         Differentiation

The company’s main differentiation lies in the way it educates its customers for better awareness of electricity consumption and account management.

$1         Philosophy

Aurora believes in reforms that produce vital workload for their employees along with viable reforms that prevent any undue job losses. By giving their employees the most optimum support, the company provides the best possible reassurance in these tough times.

$1         Sustainability

Aurora Energy’s safety campaigns are ran regularly in order to encourage awareness for different energy solutions such as working close with various power lines along with the right plant control.

$1         Social

Aurora Energy makes it a point to work with the communities they’ve partnered with in order to advocate the needs of different groups and individuals that have been a part of the company’s work.


Aurora’s broad range of charity programs includes sponsorships for school fundraisings and various charitable causes that champion support for the communities the company has been working with.


  • GPO Box 191 Hobart TAS, 7001
  • Street: 21 Kirksway Place
  • Postcode: 7001
  • City: Battery Point
  • State: TAS
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 1300 132 003
  • Sales: 1300 132 003