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Alinta Energy

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Alinta Energy extensively supplies electricity and natural gas to more than 700,000 customers across Australia. For almost three decades and counting, the company prides itself in being able to utilize new ways of providing sound energy solutions without the exorbitant price tag that comes with such reliability.

  • Alinta Energy puts a premium on having the basics right first. Through years of experience, it has already honed the art of outstanding energy delivery.
  • The company’s bid to keep all their business dealings fair and solid has resulted in affordable energy solutions that are not just transparent but are also well-founded in nature.
  • More than sound business ethics, Alinta Energy proudly touts its groundbreaking energy plans that have crossed barriers all over the country.
  • Over the course of Alinta Energy’s history, the company has been known to value its customers beyond measure.
  • As a diverse company known for its commitment to excellence, Alinta Energy makes it a point to invest in the right assets ever since its launch in 1941.


Progressive change has always been Alinta Energy’s main precept of innovation. By daring to break new ground on tried and tested energy plans, the company makes sure that it extends all its available asset for the betterment of Australia’s energy landscape. For individuals looking to make a mark beyond the four walls of their cubicle, Alinta Energy provides the right challenges that enable you to do more.


Alinta Energy has always been a proponent of doing things distinctively. Through the prompt addressing of any issues to straightforward ways of doing business, the company has managed to make itself known as a forward-thinking energy firm. Along with the company’s perspective towards the future, it further takes into account the kind of growth that’s in line with their member’s needs as well.


Alinta Energy operates with simplicity at its core. In making sure that they uphold the highest standards of safety, the company has always extensively sought out choices that benefit both the environment and the employees that they work with. This attention given to its members’ welfare is part of Alinta Energy’s quest in providing one of the most secure working environments in the industry.


In terms of sustainability measures, Alinta Energy makes sure to prioritize the impact of its energy plans through and through. Through advanced assessments of any potential risks, the company ascertains that it mitigates any adverse ecological impact that it may bring about.                                               


Alinta Energy reaches out to its partner communities by showing ample support through every means possible. Its substantial involvement with many of its locales has established great communal relationships that foster the goals they have with the company. Anyone looking for a solid working camaraderie that goes over and above the usual 9 to 5 grind is certain to find Alinta Energy a boon to work for.


Alinta Energy has always believed in giving back. Through their sponsorship grants and partnership programs, the company has more than added to their business contributions in all the communities they’ve worked with.


  • GPO Box 1302 Melbourne VIC 3001
  • Street: Level 11, 20 Bridge Street
  • Postcode: 2000
  • City: Sydney
  • State: New South Wales
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 1300 397 227
  • Sales: 1300 397 227
  • Fax: 1300 781 235