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AGL’s core premise lies in being at the head of developing renewable energy solutions for optimum sustainability. As a premium retailer of gas and electricity, the company boasts of more than four million customers all over Australia. Banking on its outstanding reputation, the company has attained veritable acclaim in terms of its work culture and business practices.

  •     AGL takes concrete steps in employing people with the right expertise in order to make them closer in attaining their goals of a future with highly developed renewable energy options.
  •     Its major investments in various energy sources have made AGL a pioneer in the development of better retail and merchant solutions through facilitating a cooperative working environment.
  •     For over 175 years, AGL has been a distinguished Australian brand that has employed millions of people with the utmost motivation of giving back to the country.
  •     As a potential employee, expect reliability and integrity in AGL’s advancement.
  •     By putting your stake at AGL, you are sure to receive the best value for in your professional career.


AGL utilizes key strategies that allow them to develop energy solutions that are not just viable today but also remain feasible tomorrow. From providing easy access to fulfilling all requisite demands, the company is fully involved in all undertakings at every step of the way. This approach goes the same for how AGL treats their employees – from complementing the strengths of their talents to providing the right challenge, the company is invested in making sure that everyone gets their share of the pie.


AGL aptly separates itself from the competition by employing the best practice possible when it comes to corporate governance and employee management. Consistent with the industry standards, the company conducts its business and lends its workforce with an innovative performance in mind.


AGL has always believed in laying a solid foundation for all its energy endeavours. The company employs responsible governance and strategic guidance hand in hand in order to completely deliver the best possible service for all its clients while meting out the most fitting possibilities to its staff.


AGL has firmly established itself as an advocate of better environmental principles that encompass not just statutory obligations but important codes of conduct as well. Through rigorous environmental performance measurement, the company is consistently keeping tabs on how it can respond to today’s environmental issues.


The company fully aligns itself with veritable social initiatives that support the communities it has partnered with. As a result, AGL’s corporate social responsibility programs remain one of the most valuable in the industry and have attracted a wide following of personnel willing to invest and volunteer their own time.


AGL is a proud contributor to both its charity partnerships and workplace environment. As an active giver to many communities, the company has conducted several fundraising events in order to facilitate donations that help a better cause. Applicants looking to align themselves with a company that puts a premium on philanthropic efforts can get in line with AGL’s charitable streak.


  • Locked Bag 1837 St Leonards NSW 2065
  • Street: Level 22 101 Miller St
  • Postcode: 2060
  • City: North Sydney NSW 2060
  • State: NSW
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 02 9921 2999
  • Sales: 02 9921 2999