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    As a multi-utility company, ActeWAGL offers a broad range of energy solutions from natural gas, electricity and telecommunication services in just one. ActeWAGL does not just specialize in retail joint ventures but also provides a great working environment where individuals can work with a company that has brand-name recognition. To top it all, employees can receive of bevy of benefits, many of which are one of the most sought-after packages in the industry.

  •     Capping its stellar energy resume, the company also pursues green initiatives that enable a more sustainable impact to the environment.
  •     Its innovative programs have rendered it as one of the most unique enterprises to work for in Australia.
  •     ActeWAGL thrives despite the competitive market due to its core competencies of outstanding working environment and member expertise.
  •     By taking into account the effective implementation of its employee qualifications, the company has amassed extensive experience in delivering veritable value in its energy solutions.
  •     With a reputation of dependability, ActeWAGL has aptly established a foundation that its customers can surely rely on.


    One of the company’s longstanding visions is to be the frontrunner in ensuring the provision of effective and productive energy solutions. In seeking the best possible outcome in their undertakings, ActeWAGL appropriately plans and manages its resources for the most optimum outcome not just for their clients but to the members of the company as well.


ActeWAGL’s distinctive status in Australia’s energy landscape is firmly rooted in its viable partnerships and green energy initiatives. With over 90 years of experience in the field, it’s needless to say that the company’s value of services has also correspondingly increased over the years and has fully nurtured an effective collaboration between everyone involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.


The company’s business credo has always been rooted in its commitment to conducting business with only the highest ethical business standards. This constant dedication to the most reputable business policies has made ActeWAGL a leader in commendable social initiatives and has attracted individuals who are aligned with the same values.  


ActeWAGL has always engaged in secure, environmentally friendly practices in its bid to lessen the impact to our surroundings. In order to strengthen its resolve, the company has made it its mission to build reliable infrastructure that facilitates its promise of sustainability. More than environmental sustainability, however, the company has invested extensive efforts in sustaining an integrative system in harnessing its pool of talents.


ActeWAGL regards its social responsibility seriously by taking into account the interests of its partner communities. By employing ecologically advantageous development measures, the company is wholeheartedly devoted in making their social objectives a reality with the help of the company, especially its employees.


The company is fully devoted in extending its support by providing sponsorship grants and community programs that do not just educate but also promote value to the various locales ActeWAGL has partnered with. Individuals looking to be more actively involved in such endeavours will feel more in line with the company’s efforts.


  • ActewAGL House GPO Box 366 Canberra ACT 2601
  • Street: Bunda Street
  • Postcode: 2600
  • City: Canberra
  • State: ACT
  • Country: Australia


  • Telephone: 13 14 93
  • Sales: 13 14 93