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Origin Energy

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As one of the foremost energy companies in Australia, Origin Energy has successfully incorporated a broad range of energy solutions such as power generation, energy retailing, natural gas and oil exploration along with various other production initiatives. With its foray into renewable energy, Origin Energy’s substantial investments have run an extensive gamut encompassing solar, wind, geothermal and hydro energy resources. 

  • With sustainability as one of its core priorities, Origin Energy undertakes great measures in substantiating its commitment through the developments it has carried out throughout the past years.  
  • The company’s innovative lead in utilizing renewable energy opportunities has definitely made a meaningful difference in the field of energy solutions.
  • Over the years, it has consistently developed new sources of energy such as wind, hydro and geothermal resources to name a few.
  • Taking a full stand by their ideals and standards, Origin Energy’s innovative steps in working towards a sustainable environment has delivered energy solutions quite unlike the field had ever seen.
  • Utilizing a purposeful approach in all their undertakings, the company has never failed to deliver a performance that goes in accordance with pertinent laws and regulations.

With various opportunities to grow and develop, Origin Energy extends its integrative and sustainable approach to more than just today’s technology but to potential talent as well. As a foremost provider of energy to both businesses and homes in Australia, New Zealand and the neighbouring Pacific, its extensive operations have competently taken on different areas of energy supply chains to meet various kinds of energy needs.

At the forefront of thriving energy markets in Asia, Origin Energy has much to offer in terms of professional growth and personal expansion. By fostering a healthy working environment, accomplished partnerships are easily nurtured and progressed for the betterment of the company and the employees. Through this kind of effective collaboration, goal setting becomes a cooperative endeavour that benefits everyone.

In addition, Origin Energy complements the strengths of it pool of talents in order to ensure professional progress. With the right practice and trust it imparts to its members, everyone gets the chance to receive motivating individual growth that benefits the society at large as well. Team work at Origin Energy has always placed a premium on maintaining solidarity and unity no matter what the end objectives in mind are.

Lastly, by ensuring reliable and dependable ethics, the company also promotes transparency like no other. Furthermore, by placing a premium on the best possible outcome, Origin Energy advances ingenuity and innovation that knows no bounds. This is why with their years in the business; it is no wonder why it has steadily grown into the company it is now.


Origin Energy’s core vision lies in enabling energy resources that are responsible and efficient. This can clearly be seen with the 5-year objectives the company has set in ensuring that they are able to deliver competitive energy solutions. These objectives include reducing greenhouse gas emissions along and maintaining community support to the communities it is involved in.


Origin Energy differentiates itself by championing value in all its products and services. Their initiatives in enabling innovative energy solutions have brought a game-changing perspective in the field of energy.
Philosophy. Origin Energy’s philosophy lies in making sure that potential energy supplies are further expanded in order to facilitate new energy sources. The company firmly stands by its values and principles in its commitment to deliver the right impact to the environment and to its clients.


For Origin Energy, sustainability is all about handling the future with ease through long-term setting of goals. Best of all, the company fuses every opportunity with the right environmental understanding in order to provide ecocentric energy solutions.


Origin Energy’s foremost priority has always been safety, both to the people and the environment. As such, the company’s progress remains vested in imparting viable results that benefit both the society and the environment as well.


Fully active in financial assistance pursuits, Origin Energy has diligently invested and partnered with community programs and various sponsorship deeds. From philanthropic activities to educational training, Origin Energy makes sure that it extends its reach to various communities in order to fully share its message of environmental sustainability.


Energy Sources

Origin Energy’s sources include a diverse array of natural materials, such as gas, oil, geothermal and wind resources. The company has a slew of gas and oil reserves situated in Australia (Cooper Basin, Queensland) and New Zealand (Taranaki Basin). Its natural gas electricity generation plants are also spread across Australia such as in New South Wales and Queensland among others.

Green Power

Origin Energy has extensively vested their monetary interests in extending their pursuit for better renewable energy targets by reducing its Green Power charges for both its new and longstanding customers. Through this step, the company aims to significantly contribute in reducing their carbon emission output.

Pollution Emissions

The company’s stance on renewable energy has been an investment decision Origin Energy is fully committed to undertake. With their image as a renewable energy leader, they have sufficiently backed up their position with over 500,000 Green Power customers.


Origin Energy provides utmost transparency in terms of their carbon pricing, which any client can freely read on their site’s fact sheet. Moreover, the company supports a low carbon lifestyle through a free practical guide that outlines how to reduce carbon emissions along with how to save money and energy.


When it comes to waste management, Origin Energy has always considered all aspects that can affect the quantity and quality of their disposal methods. With this in mind, they have proposed various kinds of developments in order to facilitate better waste management.




Origin Energy’s electricity products offers varied options for different types of households, depending if energy saving or green energy is one’s utmost concern.


With the need for more affordable and streamlined energy, Origin LPG and gas for offers quality choice for all your home needs.


If your aim is to save energy and money in the long run, Origin Energy’s solar power system facilitates small repayments, which will enable you to lower your energy bills while reducing the impact of your energy consumption on the environment.


Corporate Tree

  • Origin Energy has acquired Sun Retail’s 800,000 customers in February 2007.
  • Origin Energy also owns 52% of New Zealand Company, Contact Energy.
  • Production and export of coal seam gas are done in partnership with ConocoPhilips.
  • Holds 37.5% of shares at Australia Pacific LNG.


Community Programs

Origin Community Kick In

Energy Savers

Origin Foundation

Caring About Road Safety 

Community Skills Scholarships 

Indigenous Partnerships (QLD) 


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