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Powergas has merged with Origin LPG in 2013 to bring consumers a reliable service for their home heating, cooling, and energy needs. Some residential uses of Powergas include heating, cooling, and hot water while businesses can use it to power heavy machinery, or heat and cool small, medium, and large sized operations.

LPG, or liquified petroleum gas, is easy to transport, store, and use. Tanks can be exchanged at the consumers convenience or delivered when necessary. Origin LPG has made it their focus to deliver cost effective, efficient, and good for the environment utilities. 

The professionals at Origin LPG will assess your needs and find you the right solution while ensuring fuel and energy is used safely and efficiently.


  • The "Origin Compass", which the company created to guide decision making and govern their duties to the community, company, and shareholders is comprised of their purpose, principles, values and commitments.
  • Encouraging diversity, yet standing by their beliefs, Origin LPG has  created value that they are proud to stand behind.


  • The reason they are the leading Australian integrated energy company is that they foster innovation.
  • Origin has diverse operations which span the supply chain; "from gas exploration and production to power generation and energy retailing".


  • Aside from acting in accordance to relevant laws and regulations, Origin LPG and Powergas knows that it is their duty to ensure the health and safety of employees, customers, communities, and the environment.


  • Origin LPG plans for the future. Certain that by following their values and principles they will consistently create value for shareholders and partners, foster their local communities, and lead through education and innovation.


  • Being a part of the local communities in which they service is an important part of the culture at Origin LPG.
  • They are known for their support of non-profit agencies, school programs, and even scholarship opportunities.
  • They encourage employee involvement as well through a number of volunteer programs.


  • Origin is happy to help where they can and this can be seen in the number of sponshorships that they take part in.
  • They assist groups and agencies that lend value to the community through leadership, health and wellness, fitness, and education.


  • Street: 108-114 Somerton Rd
  • Postcode: 3062
  • City: Somerton
  • State: VIC
  • Country: Australia, New Zealand


  • Telephone: 13 35 74
  • Sales: 13 35 74
  • Fax: 617 3867 0386