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Utilities Price Guarantee

Having a change of mind for any reason?  That's ok! If you find a better price, or even if you are just not feeling happy about making a change - you can contact any of our energy retailers within 10 days of your application and they will cancel the change.  No questions asked!  No Exit Fees!  Just tell them No Thank You and walk away.

 We make amazing deals every day.  It's possible that you could even make a better one than what we can offer.  It's rare but it does happen.  The reality is that if you spend a lot of time talking to salesmen on the phone from each of the utility companies in your area, make detailed comparisons of every plan, read all the fine print (there is quite a bit of that), figure out how to apply and then follow through it may be possible to get slightly better deals in some cases.  That's why we are here!  We find the best deals, highlight the small print, and allow you to pick the best deal possible in a few minutes - not hours.  A simple short form and you are done!  How much is your time worth and how many salesmen do you want to talk to? 

If you are a little lonely and want someone to talk to - call around.  It will give you hours of enjoyment!