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  • Sign-Up Incentive Sign-up incentive offered by the service provider


  • Prompt Payment (Usage): 20%


  • Offers: none There are no attached offers to this product.


  • Merchandise - none There is no merchandise associated with this product.


  • No Fixed Term


  • Supply: 57.189 c/day The charge to provide supply of the energy source to the location.
  • Pricing Method: Volume Based Charges are based on the volume of usage.
  • Rates, >57.53 1.375 c/MJ Nov-Apr
  • First 57.53 1.804 c/MJ Nov-Apr
  • First 57.53 1.881 c/MJ May-Oct
  • Rates, >57.53 1.540 c/MJ May-Oct


  • Cooling Off Period: 10 days
  • Variations with Notice This energy provider may vary your tariff, discount, or fees by providing you with written notice
  • Pass on Charges Any connection, disconnection or special meter reading charges incurred this energy company may be charged to your account
  • Billing: 2 months Bills are issued on this regular cycle.


  • No paper bills: $2.20 p/bill If you require a paper bill sent via post then an additional fee will be charged for each bill.
  • Direct Debit: Mandatory with $1.90 Fee Payment by direct debit is mandatory. A direct debit fee of $1.10 per payment will be added to your bill.
  • Cheque Dishonour: $9.50 This fee is levied on dishonour of and cheque.
  • Direct Debit Dishonor $9.50 This is the fee levied on dishonor of payment made automatically through debit card or credit card
  • Connection Fee $19 The fee is applicable when the connection is to be established.
  • Disconnection Fee: $19 The fee is applicable when the connection is to be discontinued.


  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard)


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